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Coffee grounds could be used to make biodiesel says Bath University

The study, recently published in the ACS Journal Energy & Fuels, explains how the oil can be extracted by soaking the coffee grounds in an organic solvent before being chemically transformed into biodiesel using a process … Continue reading

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Biodiesel demand has increased price of soybeans by $0.74 per …

Even though biodiesel demand has increased the price of soybeans, it has lowered the cost of meal for livestock producers. Continue reading

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Global Biofuels Production Will Reach Nearly 62 Billion Gallons by 2023, Forecasts Navigant Research

After more than a decade of healthy growth for conventional biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel , the next wave of advanced biofuels is nearing commercialization. The pool of commercially available biomass-derived fuels is expanding to include advanced fuels derived from non-food feedstocks and drop-in synthetic substitutes for gasoline, diesel, and kerosene-based jet fuel. Continue reading

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Energy Storage Series: Making the Case for Batteries | Renewable …

As the renewable energy industry grows and becomes a larger part of our energy mix, the concept of energy storage has made its way into the spotlight and has created some important pressing questions: Do renewables' Continue reading

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Ceres: Making Biofuels Bigger and Better

Research into energy crops and advanced biofuels, like one particular project funded by ARPA-E, contributes to U.S. energy independence, creates jobs, and directly applies to increasing food crops production.

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Renewable energy is reliable, new study claims

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