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AMERIgreen Energy has established a reputation over the past decade as a trusted supplier of biodiesel throughout the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. We supply biodiesel at nearly a dozen pipeline terminals, in many instances, we throughput biodiesel and distillates as well. We understand the challenges that terminals and the retail fuel industry face managing Biodiesel inventory and supply. Our strategy is simple, we work hand and hand with our distribution partners, establishing a unique branded relationship built on fuel quality and value added marketing services. Purchase biodiesel today! Call 203.221.3044 or email:

BQ-9000-MarketerBiodiesel may be a small segment of the supply picture to most, but to AMERIgreen, it is our primary focus. Biodiesel is the next phase in the retail fuel business. Through our experience with committed distributors we’ve defined essential components to successfully incorporate Biodiesel into your distillate fuels and transition your company into a successful, growing business. Much of our work with retail distributors is focused not only supplying blended biodiesel, but providing onsite biodiesel outreach and education workshops with your service team, drivers and customer service representatives.

In September of 2012 AMERIgreen Energy and Earth Energy Alliance initiated a collaborative relationship to help market biodiesel sales and consumer marketing programs throughout New York City, Long Island, Westchester and Connecticut petroleum markets.

Metro NY fuel dealers now have the opportunity to thrive with the implementation of the NYC Bioheat® Mandate. The mandate requires all heating oil distributors to blend a minimum of 2% ASTM 6751 biodiesel into all ULS heating oil within the five boroughs.

As early Bioheat/Biodiesel adopters both Michael Devine and AMERIgreen have been focused on enhancing the retail oil heat industry to reintroduce value driven consumer experiences. Born out of the retail business, both Devine and AMG understand the traditional, added value fuel dealer business and the challenges each company faces.

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