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Call 203.221.3044 or email today to get started with Bioheat. Earth Energy Alliance (EEA) and AMERIgreen Energy (AMG) have initiated an agreement to help NY Metro fuel dealers thrive with the implementation of the NYC Bioheat® Mandate. This relationship will support fuel dealers with AMG’s brand offering throughout the metro NYC marketplace. AMG will now be able to supplement the supply of Biodiesel/Bioheat blends to NYC fuel dealers as well as support their marketing and advertising efforts to use Bioheat to revitalize and grow their business.

As early Bioheat/Biodiesel adopters both Michael Devine and AMG have been focused on enhancing the retail oil heat industry to reintroduce value driven consumer experiences. Born out of the retail business, both Devine and AMG understand the traditional, added value fuel dealer business and the challenges each company faces.

This new relationship will match the best practices and vast Biofuel knowledge industry experience and custom marketing strategies. NYC fuel dealers now have an ally to help them thrive and prosper with the Bioheat mandate.

Earth Energy Alliance is a consulting firm specializing in bringing business solutions and creating new market opportunities within the petroleum and biodiesel marketplace. Expertise honed through years of successfully integrating biodiesel into distillate fuels combined with a personal, hands-on approach makes Michael a rarity among consultants and an invaluable asset to clients.

AMERIgreen Energy was one of the first companies to install terminal blending facilities and distribute Biodiesel/Bioheat blends. In addition to biofuels, AMG has developed a complete portfolio of energy products for fuel dealers to expand their product offering. AMG constructs marketing strategies for distributors to increase their product selection and grow their business.

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